Silvia Velez y Jack Mudry web


Silvia Cubillos Vélez, a native of Colombia, South America founded Spanish is Fun Language School and Translations in 2000, beginning her crusade to cross cultural lines and address Colorado’s growing need for bilingualism.

Ms. Velez recognizes that it is essential for adults and children to learn Spanish in order to be successful in professional and social situations. Vélez began her own innovative language school, Spanish is Fun Language School and Translations and immediately touched the lives of hundreds across the state with her revolutionary methodology.

Ms. Vélez wanted to “refresh” the idea of a language school. Her methodology pulls from research on second language acquisition in the human brain, connecting the areas of the brain related to speaking, comprehension, reading, and writing. She calls her unique system Brain Path teaching system, or BPL.


In 2000, Silvia began Spanish is Fun Language School and Translations with small group classes in the comfort of her own home. She also began teaching enrichment programs in the local schools.

Two years later, Silvia noticed such astonishing results among her students that she tapped her entrepreneurial spirit and opened a school at 400 S. Colorado Boulevard in Denver. Building on her success, Spanish is Fun Language School started offering an online program, legal terminology workshops, weekend immersions, cooking classes in Spanish, and summer camps for children.

Silvia realized people needed a fun place to meet and converse in Spanish so she initiated Spanish happy hour at El Museo de las Americas on the third Friday of each month, a tradition that continues to this day.

 Company classes became a reality for Spanish is Fun Language School. Courses in Spanish or English were taught based on the needs of professionals in this emerging global marketplace.

Spanish is Fun Language School and Translations now offers more programs than ever for adults and children as well as translation and interpretation services. Silvia, with her husband Jack Mudry (long time host of the bilingual program La Nueva Voz on KUVO 89.3) founded SELF (Spanish English Language Foundation) a non-profit organization created to provide opportunities for low-income families to enroll their children in Spanish language summer camps.