Brain Path Language® (BPL) Teaching System Spanish in Fun Educational System

Why BPL?

At Spanish is Fun we use the Brain Path Language® teaching system, or BPL, our own system based on the latest scientific discoveries about how our brains work.

Scientists now know that neuroplasticity makes the brain moldable and changeable—at any age—making it possible to train our brain and expand its capacities. This is good news because these findings replace the outdated belief that the brain is a static organ.

How does the brain work?

Language acquisition involves speaking, listening, reading, and writing; functions that develop in separate areas of the brain. Communicating in a new language requires us to connect these different learning centers and Spanish is Fun teachers are trained to guide you through this integration. It’s important that you understand what’s involved in the learning process, because when the goals and strategies are clear to you, progress is faster and easier.

How do we apply this knowledge?

Every language lesson at Spanish is Fun creates and reinforces new neural pathways in your brain. Our BPL® teaching system strengthens those neural pathways as you gain fluency in your new language.

Positive affirmation reinforces your new healthy beliefs, while your fears and lack of confidence gradually fall away. We incorporate visuals, CDs, computer programs, and kinesthetic exercises to complement the learning process, but we understand that they are no substitute for the properly trained teacher.

Spanish is Fun teachers skillfully guide you through the cognitive processes required to think in a new language, to integrate the new information in your brain—to truly communicate with confidence.

Learn Spanish quickly with our BPL® teaching system, only at Spanish is Fun Language School.