We have the best interactive Spanish classes in Denver! Children are motivated and grow in self-confidence as they learn to speak and understand a foreign language. Best of all, they are having fun!

We have been working with children in Colorado since 2000. With us, the education of your children is in professional hands. All we do is teach Spanish; we are experts!


There are distinct advantages to learning a foreign language at an early age. When a child learns a second language at an early age it forms neurological pathways in the brain, making for a more intelligent child. This child will become bilingual more quickly and perform better in other subjects, too.

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Tutoring in Spanish is available for anyone who needs targeted instruction around a specific topic or help preparing for a test.



Why learn and speak Spanish?
Learning about the differences in Hispanic cultures is FUN!  Once your child masters the basics, they’ll look forward to chatting with family members, classmates & friends!


Practice what you’ve learned!
Develop confidence by asking questions; increase vocabulary, grammar and self-expression.


Grow your vocabulary!
Express yourself without using English, make short summaries of readings, discuss various topics, read/discuss a short book.


Express yourself with confidence!
Express yourself without using English, make short summaries of readings, use past/imperfect tenses and compare the two, use direct and indirect objects, use negative and affirmative expressions; discuss various topics, read/discuss a short book.


Expand your conversations!
Receive a complete review of grammar/communication; learn more about the culture/history/geography of the Spanish-speaking world. Works of Spanish literature are introduced; learn the subjunctive tense and practice expressing yourself on a variety of topics.


Reach new levels of verbal and written fluency!
Express yourself with expanded fluency while increasing your level of confidence; converse with your class about current events, write about general topics, make presentations in Spanish, participate in social/career related activities and read/write/discuss Spanish literature.


Before/During/After-School Programs
This interactive program offers a fun way to learn the language, enrich vocabulary and appreciate Latin American culture, all in a group environment. Students are too busy to be bored, as they dance, sing, cook and play games!


Kids LOVE Spanish Fiesta Camps!
Our Spanish Fiesta Camps (Levels 1 & 2) are conveniently located through Denver! Register for 1 or 2 weeks. Half and Full days available for ages 4-11.

What are the benefits of learning with Spanish Is Fun?

  • Our highly trained, experienced teachers use our exclusive methodology, the Brain Path Language® (BPL) teaching system.
  • We hire only teachers who are very familiar with the process of learning a second language.
  • Children learn by listening and imitating, so our curriculum teaches vocabulary and pronunciation from internationally recognized Spanish, not colloquial or regional dialects.
  • Enrollment is limited to allow for maximum interaction, correction, and communication for each student.


Our goals for the course are:

  • To increase your child’s understanding and correct pronunciation of the sounds unique to the Spanish language
  • To begin the process of memorizing the new vocabulary required to learn a new language
  • To develop the pathways in your child’s brain for future language learning using our exclusive Brain Path Language® (BPL) teaching system.
  • For your child to be able to use and understand the most basic common phrases
  • To develop the self-confidence necessary to speak another language (the biggest barrier to a new learner)


Enrollment gives you access to our 24-hour online program. Your child can share with you what he or she is learning in Spanish Class and you can practice together.