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Do you need more Spanish language learning opportunities in your school? We have been providing Spanish Summer camps and teaching children Spanish in Colorado schools since 2000, so we have lots of experience to draw upon. We offer a refreshing system to acquiring a second language, relieving the frustration and fear common to language learning.Our secret?We make learning Spanish fun and interactive; students are too busy dancing, singing, cooking, and playing games to be bored!

Spanish Is Fun offers three options.

1. We will start a Spanish Club at your school.This option works best in a school that has existing Spanish classes. Children practice Spanish with many different games, songs, and interactive activities. We will create unique opportunities for students who want to progress further in Spanish. Our teachers encourage students to speak in Spanish, to appreciate new learning techniques and to accelerate their own study of Spanish. It’s not just a class—it’s an unforgettable life experience!

2. We teach Spanish Enrichment classes before, during, or after school.This is a good choice for schools that don’t already teach Spanish and a good way to give your children an opportunity to learn the language.

3. We can build an entire Spanish department in your school and provide teachers, curriculum, and materials. Or we can continue a program already in progress.

Tutoring in Spanish is available for anyone who needs targeted instruction around a specific topic or help preparing for a test.

All of our classes are taught using our Brain Path Language® Development (BPLD) system. BPLD integrates all the different learning areas of your brain, making language acquisition faster and more natural.


Enrollment gives you access to our 24-hour online program. Your child can share with you what he or she is learning in Spanish Class and you can practice together.

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Downtown Denver Expeditionary School k1 (9 classes) and 2nd-3rd grades

Free Horizon Montessori School